Laziness is good

When I was a child I was really lazy and I used to think, once I start work I will never have time to be lazy. When I started to work, I got super busy. Busy multi tasking, di ishing tasks, driving from one end to delhi to another. It was maddening. But come weekends and I’d lie on the bed like as uselessly as a bedsheet. Just being lazy. So yes, I did manage to find time to be lazy. And it was this laziness that made me feel relaxed. Made me ‘feel’ the weekends. Else life would feel duh! All work and no laziness makes one feel like shit. My mind justified this laziness by asserting that once I get married (though in my scheme of things, I’d planned no marriage because you know it’s so damn patriarchal) I would not get a minute to really breathe. Come first year of marriage and I actually had to say bye bye to laziness. Not because I didn’t have the time, but because being lazy isn’t really an option in husband’s 


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