Let’s lose that flab baby!

I want to get rid of that flab. I’ve always wanted to be all toned and shapely. That’s always been my life’s concern. I don’t particularly hate my body but I’m obsessed with no flab, toned and firm body. After having my bundle of joy, my resolve to get back to my pre pregnancy shape has gotten even stronger.

I’m not crazy about losing weight really. As long as I feel good and look good and wear all those good looking clothes, I don’t care if I’m 60 (my ideal weight is supposed to be 42-48 and I’m… I don’t know, because I don’t care). So the deal is I’m quite determined to do exercises whether it’s cardio, weight training, Pilates or yoga. Discipline and hard work aren’t really my issue.  My issue is I just don’t seem to have any time. And I’m not saying like how everyone says about everything they want to do. I genuinely do not have time. Because this toddler of mine really keeps me on my toes (and no, that’s not helping me get it into shape, if you’re wondering). And when he’s asleep, I get a breather. I drink coffee, tidy up the room, breathe, eat or just lie down. And just like that it’s time for him to get up. Well, I told myself to prioritise and say fuck you to my lethargy. So the moment he sleeps, I unlatch my breast ever so slyly, rush to the bathroom with my dumbells, put on fitness blender on YouTube and start off. I’m usually ten to fifteen minutes through when either he gets up again (which means he needs the boob again to fall back to sleep) or my maid would come rushing in to clean my room. I want to send her back telling her to come in an hour but the discipline at my in laws place sucks and would cause uninvited attention from my mil if I told her to go away. (I ducking hate living with my in laws) 

I’ve tried the whole ten minute workout, two to three times a day (I don’t think it’s ever been three times though, max two) that’s  the only way short workouts  are supposed to effective if one can’t do longer workouts for at least 30-40 minutes a day. 

So even though I’m still at it (partly because that’s the only thing I do for myself apart from being a mad mommy), I do feel discouraged. Had I been working this hard uninterrupted, I’d be toned as a model. (Ok, not a model per say but still quite fit). I often wonder when would I get my own time like hours together. Something tells me when I do have that time, I’d probably be used to this madness! 


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