Born yesterday, grown up today

Time is flying. At a super sonic speed. It’s becoming crazier by the day. I blink my eyes and whoosh, a month has already passed. What’s happening? Why is time at a fast forward setting? I want baby back. I want to see him turn for the first time again. Didn’t he just start gripping things? And crawling? I was worried sick that he hasn’t yet started to crawl properly. So when the hell did he starting walking so fast. He didn’t have teeth and now he has fourteen. And he’s just sixteen months. He would fit perfectly in my lap when I used breastfeed him. Now he’s always struggling to get a more comfortable position with his legs hanging out. 

I want to stop time because it seems like the bestest thing in the world when he hugs me. His chubby cheeks, tiny feet and soft hair. I’m addicted to his baby smell… it’s intoxicatingly good. I love watching him going from one place to another causing a massive hurricane where ever he goes holding things, throwing them or checking them out. And he’s also started to talk in that baby language of his. It is simply adorable. 


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