Sneak peak or freak sneak

I’m stuck in my in laws house that has one floor with three rooms. And no genius could tell you that there’s absolutely no privacy. And I have 1.5 year old toddler who still breastfeeds. No one really enters my room except my mother in law. But for strange reason she think she can come in anytime. She doesn’t really barge in. She would peep inside the room so very often. It’s almost scary. And she does that bloody lot. I’m usually in my bed nursing my little one in side lying position when I’ll feel eyes on me. I’m pretty sure she thinks I wouldn’t get to know and she would just quickly checkout what I’m up to. But too bad mother in law. I know. Every single fucking time. And the moment I’d look at her she’ll just slyly whisper to ask if the little one is asleep. Well I want give her a full sarcastic comment like “Dont you have eyes, can’t you see”. But I just say yes he’s asleep. And there are times when she would just ask that so bloody loudly that he actually gets up. It’s annoying as hell. So I’ve got to do the whole exercise of twenty minutes to make him fall asleep. It’s annoying as fuck! 

I feel this whole act of acting innocent to pretend that she’s concerned about my little one is utter bullshit. She just like to spy on me. See what I’m doing. She’s evil and sinister and doesn’t really have anything better to do. 


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